Principal's Message


Another reminder for parent teacher conferences…please pick a time and sign up online at the PTC link below.

During Covid we are working very hard to limit outside exposure.  With that in mind we at Pioneer are asking all those (including children) who come to conferences -- please wear a mask.  If you come without a mask, we will provide a mask for you at the door.  We are asking that all parents enter through our main doors and not use the doors that connect the Pioneer to the Oakwood.  This way we can better monitor the parents in our building and Oakwood can do the same with their school.

In addition to wearing a mask, we are asking parents to come to conferences without children.  The more we can limit the people in our hallways, the safer we will feel.  Hopefully, you will be able to find a sitter for your children while you visit with their teacher(s).  We appreciate your cooperation with parent teacher conferences this crazy Covid-19 fall.


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