Fall 2020 Re-Opening Planning

Last Updated: 7/2/2020 9:31 PM

Preston School District Parents, Students, and Teachers,

As we progress through these summer months, I know that there are a lot of questions about how school will be in the fall.  Preston School District Administration, School Board, and Teachers are actively working to develop plans for returning to school in various different scenarios, knowing that a lot can change between now and August 24th.  Additionally, the Idaho State School Board has been tasked with developing criteria and recommendations for school districts as they re-open in the fall.  It will be important to coordinate our planning with those recommendations.

Our overarching goal is to have students at school, working directly with teachers as much as is possible.  All of our plans are designed to maximize the amount of time students can be in school together with their teachers. 

As we receive additional information and add details to our plans for re-opening, we will post those plans and information on this website.  Updates will be made each week on Thursday.  If you have concerns, questions, suggestions, please refer those to me (marc.gee@psd201.org).  Most plans will be solidified by the July regular board meeting (July 15th) to allow you as parents to make your own plans based on that information.

Thank you for all you do for education in our community!



Marc C. Gee


Preston School District

UPDATE 7-2-2020

Unfortunately there is not a lot of new news this week.  Mr. Gee and district principals met together Tuesday to work through some questions and details regarding some of the different scenarios.  State School Board recommendations did not come out this week as they had indicated it would.  For a news report regarding the state board process you can click here

We will continue monitor news from the state board, but we are still on schedule to have a plan to review with the Preston School Board by the July 15th board meeting and immediately following the board meeting we will release a survey for parents to share their thoughts and input on the plan.