Preston School District #201 COVID-19 Case Counts

Last Updated: 2/23/2021 10:18 PM

Preston School District Patrons:

Below you will find the case counts for Preston School District with the most recent updates.  At this time we will only be sharing the number of cases for each school.  No further details will be shared to maintain privacy.  For each positive case school district personnel contact students who can be confirmed as having been in close contact with the student while symptomatic.

 (please note that these case counts are based on information we receive from parents and Southeast Idaho Public Health.  If neither of these contacts the school regarding a positive case, there is no way for us to know that a student tested positive)


Franklin County High School-----0 active cases, 1 historical case

Preston High School---------------0 active case, 50 historical cases

Preston Jr. High School-----------1 active case, 20 historical cases

Oakwood Elementary School----0 active case, 21 historical cases

Pioneer Elementary School------0 active cases, 7 historical cases

(Updated 2-23-2021)