Preston School District Leadership Premiums

Last Updated: 5/21/2019 8:30 PM

Preston School District #201

Leadership Premiums

2019-2020 Planning

Leadership Premium Plan 2019-2020

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Leadership Premium Assignments

In Spring of 2014, the Idaho Legislature approved HB 504 which allocated funds to districts to meet the outline of the Governor’s Task Force on Education which “would include additional salary that can be earned for fulfillment of leadership responsibilities, including such things as curriculum development work, chairing collaboration teams, mentoring, and other responsibilities that the districts may determine…This approach allows districts to determine the leadership responsibilities that are needed and allows teachers to select the roles they wish to fulfill and to be compensated for them.”


To meet that expectation Preston School District #201 will enact a plan for awarding these premiums to teachers as follows below.


All certified, non-administrative staff members are eligible to apply for the award.  The application for the award is attached. The following duties would NOT be considered for the award:

  1. Duties for which a teacher is paid already
  2. Duties which are part of a teacher’s existing job description
  3. Duties related to student activities or athletics


There are limited shares available for duties that are not listed on the attached share schedule.  If you see a leadership opportunity you would like to be considered for, please fill out part B of the application.


Teachers will be given a list of acceptable duties and the accompanying shares on May 20th, 2019.


After applications are submitted to the supervising principal for verification.  The applications will be delivered to the superintendent who will work with building administrators to finalize shares.  These will be presented to the school board for a final decision no later than the August 2019 school board meeting.


Teachers will be notified by the superintendent, of the board’s decision.  After completion of approved duties, building principals and district supervisors will be responsible for certifying that duties were carried out in a manner consistent with the approved application.


Premiums will be distributed to teachers as a part of the May payroll period.  Any unused funding will be moved to the next calendar year for use in the premium plan.


This plan will be evaluated in the spring of 2020 to make necessary adjustments before the 2020-2021 school year.