Jessica Christensen Honored as IETA Educator of the Year!

Mrs. Christensen

Jessica Christensen, a social studies teacher at Preston Jr. High, was nominated and selected as the Educator of the Year for the Idaho Educational Technology Association (IETA).  According to IETA "The IETA Educator of the Year is awarded to an individual who is passionate about educating students and has demonstrated outstanding achievement and understanding of implementing educational technology".IETA Logo

Mrs. Christensen has been instrumental over the last year with the implementation of 1 to 1 technologies in Preston School District.  Starting last school year as the technology lead for the 1-to-1 pilot with the 6th grade all the way through this year as the district rolled out 1-to-1 technology in 6th through 12th grade.

A colleague who nominated Ms. Christensen said "Jessica has put in countless hours to make sure our 1-to-1 program succeeds in our Jr. High. Last year, she was willing to oversee the program and worked through many kinks with the IT department. With her help our district has now implemented the 1-to-1 program from 6th grade to 12th grade. This would not have been possible without her. She always brings new idea to the table and helps add technology to our students’ learning. Overall, Jessica is incredible because she is always patient and kind. She is approachable and always so willing to help students and teachers with their computers."

When asked about the award, the first thing Jessica said was "Thank you, but none of the projects would have been possible without all the hard work of Steve (Crookston), Taylor (Bowles), and Krista (Barrett), along with our administration and Matt (Ashcroft), Lindsay (Mumford) and all of the other teachers' help."

Her principal says:  "Ms. Christensen is an amazing teacher who has demonstrated repeatedly, her commitment to both the students and staff of Preston Junior High. At the start of this pandemic, Ms. Christensen dedicated countless hours in helping to prepare technology, troubleshoot problems and assist her peers in creating online curriculum. Perhaps most impressive is her ability to approach every situation with a resilient and positive attitude. Preston Junior High is lucky to have her on the team, we are better because of her and we appreciate the sacrifices she has made to help us improve. Thank you, Ms. Christensen."

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