COVID-19 Tests Available

Dear Parents,

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare recently issued our school district COVID-19 tests to be distributed free of charge to students and families. Two types of at-home tests were received:

  1. The Rapid Antigen Test that looks for proteins. This test is self-administered by taking a nose swab. Results are received within 15 minutes.

  2. The PCR Molecular Test that looks for the virus's genetic material. The patient's saliva sample is supervised free of charge over Zoom by a HIPPA-compliant Vault Health clinician. The test kit comes with a pre-paid package to mail the test tube to the lab for accurate analysis.  It ships for free and you receive secure digital results within 24 hours of the lab receiving your sample. (For more information on the free supervised test, contact Vault Health at 212-880-5494 or

These COVID-19 tests are now available for students and families who desire them for at-home testing.

If you would like either or both types of tests, you or your child(ren) can get them from any school office by simply asking for the free COVID tests.

Stay safe!

Lance K. Harrison, PhD

Superintendent of Schools